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Faithful Provider

What a month it has been. Since we left Stillwater, Oklahoma the Lord has had us travel all over the place. It has definitely not been what I thought it would be for sure. In my mind we were gonna find the right town, find a house, Matt gets some kind of job, and settle into a routine. But, that just isn't what God has had planned for us yet. Instead, He has blessed us to travel to some great places, see family who we haven't seen in a long time, and meet new friends along the way. Back when we lived in Branson, Matt and I always wanted to travel, but the Lord would continue to tell us to wait. Now I see why. He knew He was going to bless us with plenty of travels. Almost 13 years ago, Matt and I always prayed to be outside the box. We didn't want to live a comfortable christian life. We wanted to live radically for the Lord, and walk in the fullness of what He had for us. Now, we are getting to do just that and funny enough we have loads of moments where we fight Him about it. Loads of moments where we are it's way harder to let go of the comfortable than we thought. It's scary out here in the deep where you don't know how it's all going to play out or what our next step will be. Are we ever going to have a place or space for us? How in the world will we have money to do all this? But when I think of going back to the comfortable, I know with everything in me that this is something the Lord is calling Matt, I, and our kiddos to right now. We have learned even more on this journey of His providing hand. We are a family of 7, traveling around, and have not had a job since last October, or been led to take unemployment during this time, and we have not hurt for anything. We have had many people reach out to us saying they were led by the Lord to bless us. We have had family pour out upon us more than we could ever thank them for. We have always had a roof over our heads, food to eat, and everything needed for the kids. I say all this only in hopes to encourage you that if God is asking you to do something, He will faithfully provide everything that's needed. I'm not saying for a second that it will be easy. It will test every ounce of flesh in you. If I were to look at the things that I see and don't see in the physical I could easily talk myself out of saying yes to Him. But, we have gotten to see God show up in so many ways, and in so many little details. Like this last week. I was starting to worry because I usually start doing a little bit of school with the kids around this time to freshen up the skills and get them ready, but we are living hotel to hotel and my school stuff is packed in a POD somewhere in Oklahoma City. Well right before we went to Branson to visit, the Lord reminded me to get the kids math stuff at one of my favorite resale stores there and I did. So in the car I had this new math book and it came with fact cards. So we could practice our math facts. And, when we were visiting family in Kansas one of our prayer warrior friends gave us some books for the kids. So I could use that to refresh the reading skills. So in the van I had everything needed to do the school stuff I wanted to do with the kids. The Lord had provided all I needed, and He knew what I needed and when. So we just do school stuff right here in the hotel on these amazingly hot Oklahoma afternoons. He is faithful. At this present time we are in Yukon, Oklahoma. A great little town. The Lord led us to stay here for a bit and blessed us with a great, cheap hotel. We have been prayerfully seeking His guidance and direction for our next step. He has continued to birth this vision in our hearts to minister to people where they are at. To love on and encourage those who have been hurt by the church and may never enter the four walls of a church again. We don't know what it will all look like, but this is our heart. We have not felt led yet at this point to find a house. Which challenges us both to extremes sometimes. RV's continue to come up to us but we do not have the means for that at this time. But, we know that nothing is impossible or too big for God. So we are doing our best, by the great grace of the Lord, to take it step by step trusting that He will continue to faithfully provide for us and get us to where we need to be. We are asking if you all will join us in prayer for guidance and direction on the next step that we need to take in this journey. We continue to pray for you all as well since there are many people in the same boat, waiting on God's guidance and direction. We are so thankful for you all. For all the prayer, support, and encouragement you give. Thank you.

Lord Jesus, we come to you. You have continued to show us your faithfulness even though it doesn't always come in our timeline, it always comes. Please give us all the courage and strength to continue to move forward in what you are calling us to do. Help us to not quit or give up when it gets hard or we can't see what you are doing. Lord you are doing a new thing right now, and there are so many out there that have been hurt and need to be refreshed in your love, truth, and grace. Help us to be your love and light to them wherever you have us. Lord we seek your guidance and direction not just for us, but for the many that are seeking you right now. We thank you Lord because we know and trust that you will faithfully give it. In Jesus name amen.

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14 thg 7, 2020

Yes the Lord is on the move! I love hearing "seeing God in all the little details" such a blessing! Continued prayers! Love you guys!

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