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We Made It!!

We have made it to Oklahoma! We are so thankful for all the prayers. They were definitely felt. We traveled through 5 states in 2 days and the kids were great. It went way better than I thought it would for sure. And Oklahoma is beautiful! After being in Missouri and California, I didn't expect too much, but it is beautiful here. We started off in Edmond, Oklahoma. We were there for 3 days and felt the Lord directing us to Stillwater, Oklahoma. It is a great little town. Truly refreshing after 7 months in L.A. Everyone we have met has been so kind and welcoming. The Lord has been stretching us for sure as we continue to walk this out step by step. When we got here I immediately began looking for rental houses. I'm a get her done kind of person, and the Lord has to slow me down sometimes because I can easily get ahead of Him. Everything that we found or saw was a shut door, one after another. Then on our last day at our first hotel here, Matt found a nice house with a rent sign in the yard in a great neighborhood right across from our hotel. We went and saw the house the very next morning. The owner was great, the house was great, the neighborhood was great. But, after we left we couldn't start the application. We just had a catch about doing it. So we fought and battled all weekend long between our flesh, seeing what we see in the physical...We need to get a house. We can't live in a hotel forever. We probably won't find a situation like this again. And the catch we still had in our spirit about moving forward with it. So after lots of prayer and testing moments, the Lord began to bring clarity and discernment. The Lord was allowing us to be tested for our good. There will be many things that will come across our path in life, and we will have to discern if it's something the Lord is calling us to. Just because something looks good and right in the physical might not necessarily mean it's something the Lord is asking or wanting us to do. So as this began to rise up in our hearts. We could see where we were holding on to things, and God was asking us to let go and trust. We had a catch for a reason and we would have to trust. So we let the house go, and as soon as we did we had a huge release and peace. Then shortly after that we began to feel the Lord preparing us that we would not be staying in Stillwater. So that was the reason we were not to move forward with the house. So very thankful for His teaching and guiding. The Lord has began to really speak to us that we will be traveling. That our ministry will move as He moves us. We can see us being in an RV sometime down the road. Going where He tells us to go, loving people and meeting them right where they are, and sharing our story. He has been readying me for this for quite some time. So I am excited as He continues to prepare us and reveal to us this vision in our hearts. And "we shall see" what He does and where He leads us next. We are so thankful for all the thoughts and prayers, and all of you who continue to reach out to us to encourage us and pour into us. Thank you so much.

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